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Trinidad and Tobago's only sprint World Champion. 4-time Olympic Medalist.
Sports broadcaster • Pilot • NFL speed coach • UCLA Hall-of-Famer • Sports Ambassador

"Boldon is always enthusiastic and knowledgeable about his sport."

"Ato Boldon might have done the finest work of any color announcer in London."
The Sports Ace

"Boldon has emerged as one of NBC's best analysts, a blend of athletic smarts, charisma, precise analysis and brashness."
New York Times

View Ato's timeline from birth, to being a star soccer player before he excelled at Track and Field and now as a professional coach and sports announcer.
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    Here's what the U.S.A. media thought of Ato's NBC work in Beijing

    Boldon, 34, has emerged as one of NBC's best analysts, a blend of athletic smarts, (he won one silver and three bronze medals in the 100 and 200 meters at the 1996 and 2000 Games) charisma, precise analysis and brashness.

    New York Times

    Favorite NBC announce team? That's easy: Tom Hammond, Ato Boldon and Lewis Johnson at track and field. Hammond is a pro's pro whose voice and delivery never change regardless who is winning or losing. Boldon never once tried to make an excuse for the disappointing U.S. track team.

    Dallas Morning News

    Track analyst Ato Boldon has become a real star for NBC with his enthusiasm, knowledge and colorful style, which lights up the TV screen. In his first Olympic assignment, Boldon and his partner Tom Hammond have done a brilliant job of not missing a single detail of the track and field coverage. Boldon, who is a four-time Olympic medalist for Trinidad and Tobago, is entertaining in his analysis.

    The Sports Business Journal

    NBC commentator and four-time Olympic sprint medalist Ato Boldon was outspoken, as usual, in analyzing the 100 meters. Asked if Tyson Gay's hamstring, injured at the Olympic trials, would hold up for four rounds, Boldon said bluntly, "No."

    Los Angeles Times

    The reason Boldon is a star at NBC is the passion for the sport that he brings to his broadcasting. His Caribbean/British accent, his colorful descriptions of the races and the competitors make him entertaining. His insights on the sport add to a long list of reasons to watch him and his partner Hammond cover the track events. Bottom line, Boldon makes watching the track events fun, which is more than NBC could ask for from their first-time analyst.

    The Sports Business Journal

    "I quote Ato so often that I feel like he should have a co-byline on some of my stories, but he's just that good."

    Tim Layden, Sports Illustrated


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